Our system takes these three basic principles and applies it to our Artificial Intelligence:

Healthy: This applies to our choice of individual ingredients: the best quality available, certified organic when possible and showing the cleanest Certificate of Analysis we can find for each of our ingredients.

Wholesome: We apply the Green Label principle, to all our products which is reflected in the way in which those ingredients are assembled, keeping them to a minimum, eliminating ingredients which are added only to improve texture, color or fragrance.

Diverse: In order to reduce Tachyphylaxis (the principle in which an active ingredient loses its potency after prolonged use) our Artificial intelligence will change your product’s formulation to minimize its effects. Not only is this principle taken into account when it comes to an individual product over time (for example, your Night-Sérum will change from one order to the next) but also when combining multiple Xeskea Skincare products.


Our Story

The Xeskea adventure starts at the end of 2016, attempting to solve my daughter’s mild but annoying Eczema. Rachel had been exposed to a multitude of different topical ointments, creams and balms to help reduce her symptoms with little to no results. I joined a few Facebook and Reddit groups looking for support and information but ultimately, Dermatological papers and medical journals were next on my list. My knowledge and understanding grew, as I read more serious material on the matter, to a point where I could start creating my own. Admittedly, after countless attempts to formulate a viable product I realized that formulating effective skin care goes much further than simply combining ingredients together, even if these ingredients in themselves are proven effective. In hindsight, the legal ramifications of commercializing this proved quite complex for a father in his kitchen. So to this day, Rachel’s eczema cream remains a family secret but out of this need flourished cosmetics products which I could easy make with the ingredients I already had on hand. My oldest, Myriam, constantly picking at her dry lips inspired me to create a calendula and bees wax lip balm which proved wildly successful. From countless hours of research and simple labor of love, came the Bespoke concept. We do it with our vehicles, our food, our clothes. It’s only natural we also offer this for skincare.

Jean-Sébastien Fugère

More than 21 years spent in Information Technology and developing his skills as a problem solver have resulted in the synergy of technology and craftmanship which became Xeskea.He’s an outsider to the Skin care industry, which to us is an advantage as he can see the whole process of skin care through a very different angle.

Nathalie Quenneville

Our very own Superwoman/Graphic designer/Personal trainer/Certificed Naturopah. Nathalie is the embodiment of youthful energy and health. Her curiosity and thirst for knowledge is an inspiration to everyone around her. It’s important to note that her expertise in nutrition, fitness and naturopathy inspired the Dynamic Xeskea System. She is the beautiful soul who will review your formulation before it is made into your very own Xeskea product.

Sylvie Raymond

Board Certified Biochemist with more than 25 years’ experience, Sylvie has been a close collaborator of ours for the past two years. Her expertise in formulating skincare and regulatory frame both national and international have proven invaluable of us.