Our system takes these three basic principles and applies it to our Artificial Intelligence:

Healthy: This applies to our choice of individual ingredients: the best quality available, certified organic when possible and showing the cleanest Certificate of Analysis we can find for each of our ingredients.

Wholesome: We apply the Green Label principle, to all our products which is reflected in the way in which those ingredients are assembled, keeping them to a minimum, eliminating ingredients which are added only to improve texture, color or fragrance.

Diverse: In order to reduce Tachyphylaxis (the principle in which an active ingredient loses its potency after prolonged use) our Artificial intelligence will change your product’s formulation to minimize its effects. Not only is this principle taken into account when it comes to an individual product over time (for example, your Night-Sérum will change from one order to the next) but also when combining multiple Xeskea Skincare products.