What are the shipping costs of domestic and international orders?

We are proud to offer free shipping for all domestic and international orders. It is important to note that customs brokerage fees and taxes remain the responsibility of the client. In addition, for the time being, Xeskea group Inc, ships orders to the following countries:

  • Canada
  • United-States

*Efforts to ship to European Countries are ongoing.

What are our recommendations for first use of our products?

We recommend you apply a small amount to the inside of your forearm for the very first use. Wait 6 to 8 hours after this application to validate there is no irritation, redness or burning sensation on the area where you applied the Serum. If this is the case and after you have consulted with a healthcare professional and supplied them with your Serum’s ingredients list to validate potential allergy risks, we will graciously take the bottle back and replace it with another formulation free of charge.

Are there any upcoming products?

From humble beginnings blossoms the great potential for growth. We are currently building the Artificial Intelligence and science behind the scenes to offer you a product which will compliment our Day and Night Sérums. We invite you to subscribe to our Mailing list and follow-us on Social Media to get the latest updates.

About your formulation:

It is a valid concern to wonder about your product’s formulation. Where does it come from, how was it created? Was it tested? It’s important to note that Xeskea operates in Canada and adheres to all of Health Canada’s guidelines and regulations. In addition, because we are based in the Province of Quebec, we also are required by law to have our formulations reviewed and approved by a Chemist Certified by the “OCQ”. Lastly, we send sample formulations to an independent laboratory for challenge (microbial and fungual) and stability testing.

Our recommendations for storage:

Some of the ingredients incorporated into our formulas are photosensitive, which is why we opted for an Amber colored bottle, we also recommend keeping your Xeskea Serum at a cool temperature as prolonged exposure to over 30 degrees Celsius (85 degrees Fahrenheit) will favor bacterial growth.

What is our Return Policy?

We are driven by the “thank you” economy and strongly believe in surpassing your expectations with our products and with our service. If you are not totally satisfied with your product, we will refund your purchase. Our door is always open and will always take your questions and concern into consideration. If you have any questions, please use our Contact-us options below.