Glossary Of Ingredients

All the ingredients used in our products are listed below with an overview of their common name, function and rating for effectiveness and safety.

Paula’s Choice Dictionnary Rating:
A quick reference on four levels to determine the value of an ingredient: Poor, Averge, Good and Best.
All ratings are based on scientific studies and are all cited
Botanical (INCI) Name:Conventional Name:Main FunctionPaula’s Choice Rating
Aloe Barbadensis Leaf ExtractAloe ExtractHydrating AgentGood
Ananas Comosus extractPineapple ExtractExfoliantGood
Ascorbyl PalmitateVitamin CAntioxidantBest
Cannabis sativa Seed OilHemp Seed OilEmollientBest
Cetyl AlcoholCetyl AlcoholEmulsifierGood
Coco-GlucosideCoco-GlucosideCleansing AgentGood
Cocamidopropyl BetaineCocamidopropyl BetaineCleansing AgentGood
Cucurbita pepo Seed OilPumpkin Seed OilEmollientBest
DL PanthenolVitamin B5HumectantBest
Glycin Soja ExtractSoya Bean ExtractSkin Toning AgentBest
Glycyrrhiza glabra ExtractLicorice Root ExtractSkin Soothing AgentBest
Helianthus annuus Seed OilSunflower Seed OilEmollientBest
IlliteFrench Green Clay componentAbsorbing AgentGood
KaolinFrench Green Clay componentAbsorbing AgentGood
NiacinamideVitamin B3Hydrating AgentBest
Orbignya Oleifera Seed OilBabassu OilEmollientBest
Polawax NFPolawaxEmulsifierN/a
Polysorbate-80Polysorbate-80Cleansing AgentGood
Salicylic AcidSalicylic AcidExfoliantBest
Sodium benzoateSodium benzoatePreservativeGood
Sodium CitrateSodium CitratePreservativeGood
Sodium Cocoyl GlutamateSodium Cocoyl GlutamateCleansing AgentGood
Stearic AcidStearic AcidReplenishing AgentGood
Sucrose StearateSucrose StearateCleansing AgentGood
Tocopheryl AcetateVitamin EAntioxidantBest
Not Available Rating
Ingredients which have not been reviewed by these organisations are marked as “N/a”