Sérum de Jour


Your Day-Sérum’s  is a bespoke skincare serums and its first goal is protection against the elements, the environment and the Sun. End the need for endless guess work choosing the right Sérum. We print a serial number and your name on the label because every product we make is its own production run. Assembled from the very best ingredients to target your own individual concerns. To combat Tachyphylaxis, our Dynamic Bespoke System will modulate your Sérum’s formulation as to always optimize the benefits for your skin.

Use Directions

As part of a healthy daytime routine, we strongly suggest following Dermatologist Dre. Whitney Bowie’s recommendations (as Listed in her book “Dirty Skin”: first wash your face with a good moisturizing soap, exfoliate with a gentle cleanser (twice a week). Then apply your Xeskea Daytime Facial Serum, followed by Sunscreen or day cream (SPF-30 or more) and finally your makeup


Because the ingredients and their concentration vary with every single formulation, we do not list them like conventional cosmetic product.

We do invite you to review our Ingredient Glossary, which contains all the ingredients we use. Your Sérum’s specific ingredients will be listed on its label and order history.


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